Recent Recipes

Cornish New potato salad with baby beetroot, eggs, capers and dill

This is an amazingly delicious salad using the first of the cornish new potatoes, small beetroot and fresh eggs. So simple yet so delicious.  
new potato

Chocolate rye brownies with bay & almonds

Rye flour and good chocolate are extraordinarily delicious together. I often use rye in place of a plain flour in my baking – it brings its delicate roasted, nutty notes to chocolate cakes, fondants and biscuits, and plays off the bitter qualities of dark choc...

Rabbit and wild garlic

I seem to be finding wild garlic earlier with each coming year. This wonderful plant, also known as ‘Ramsons’ can be found in the dappled shade of established woodlands, in damp meadows, along stream banks and in shady hedges. When it’s young it’s sweet and it...
wild garlic

Sea kale & sea bass

Sea kale is a striking and hardy plant that seems to flourish on bleak, inhospitable pebble beaches. Quite often it will be alone, the only copper-green bloom of life bound and rooted expressively to the hard stones. In spring it buds, producing the most delic...
sea kale

Rabbit with smoked bacon, tarragon, cider and cream

Wild rabbit is delicious, sustainable, economical and easy to cook, and in my view, at its best in autumn. Most good butchers will sell rabbit; they should happily joint it for you as well. It’s far more interesting than chicken and just as versatile. 
rabbit stew

Celeriac and potato dauphinoise with anchovy, chilli, rosemary and garlic

Celeriac is my number-one root. It has a flavour somewhere between sweet earth and hazelnuts, it comforts sedately, and it reassures entirely. It can have as toothsome a crunch as it can be soft and coating, and then it can be everything in between.

Smoked ham, cheese & parsley sauce toasts

Take everything that’s good about ham and parsley sauce, put it on toast and grill it. That’s what I thought, that’s what I did, this is what happened. You don’t have to use smoked ham, but it does go particularly well with the cheese (in this case, a rich, ma...
cheese on toast

Raw courgettes with fennel, pea, mint, dill & lemon

It’s worth picking up a little courgette plant from your local garden centre just so you can make this salad, even just once or twice, with the freshest, finest courgettes. A plant pot outside your back door may be all you need. If you can’t grow your own, tho...
courgette salad

lentil dhal with crispy kale

A well-made dhal is a complete treasure; it is a bowl of soft gold. A dhal can warm us like a fire, with its spice; and it can soothe and comfort us, like a favourite blanket might have done in the past. This dhal is nothing more than a few handfuls of red len...

Chorizo and bean soup with nettles and sourdough toast

This rustic country soup is hearty and warming. I like to use homemade pork stock as it adds a real depth of flavour to the dish. My recipe for chorizo is perfect for this soup, or you can use good-quality or organic shop-bought chorizo, if you can find it. Ne...
Nettle soup