Recent Recipes

Brill with sorrel sauce

I really like the flavour of sorrel: it’s sharp and green and appley-sour. Common sorrel is easy to grow at home, but you’ll also find it growing wild, small and spear-shaped, in grassy fields and grazing land. The zesty acidity of wild sorrel works beautifull...

Curd with radishes, spring onions & herbs

Who wouldn’t be into the idea of taking something crisp, like a toasted slice of sourdough or a broken seed-covered cracker, and spreading it thickly with fresh sheep’s curd? If someone offered me that, I would think it were almost perfect and I would take it....
spring radish salad

Rabbit with pappardelle

This is a very simple recipe for one of the most enjoyable pasta sauces I’ve ever eaten. Cook the rabbit slowly with smoked bacon, vegetables and herbs until it’s tender enough to come away from the bone with ease. Flake the meat, then return it to the sauce....
rabbit recipe

apple, lemon and thyme pancakes

Pancakes and apples are a great combination, particularly if you caramalise the fruit in a little butter and sugar first. I add fresh thyme leaves and lemon, which give the apples a really floral note.

Oysters in chicken stock with chives

Come, sit with me and talk about the sea and the land. Tell me how something so clear can be so deep. Break these shells for me and let the flood run. Together, they are somewhere between earth and saltwater. Let’s drink the broth and take the oysters with it....

Trout with pickled cucumber, spelt & herbs

This quick, warm salad of nutty spelt grain and clean river trout always lifts my mood, particularly on a wet, wintry day. With a light air of spring about it, it provides a welcome break from the richer dishes I often prepare over the colder months of the yea...

Chicken and nettle pie

Spring is a good time to pick nettles for cooking with. They are lush and tender and full of sweetness. I like to use them as a wild alternative to our more typical cultivated spring greens. They’re just as delicious as spinach and, like kale, should be consid...
chicken pie

Squirrel, rosemary & potato rösti

I like this rösti because it’s so very different, which probably has something to do with the squirrel – although lamb, pheasant or rabbit would be good contenders for a substitute. I’ve also done a very similar – and equally delicious – thing with wild oyster...

Pulled pork

I remember Hugh teaching me that the secret to really good pulled pork is the oven temperature: it’s crucial that it’s not too hot. A whole pork shoulder is made up of a variety of different muscle sets, some leaner than others. The leaner ones will dry out at...

Polenta with roast ham & parsley

If you haven’t had polenta before, you must try this recipe. Traditionally, polenta is served ‘wet’ or ‘soft’, which means it comes to the table like a porridge or a thick purée. Alternatively, you can serve it ‘set’ – when loose polenta is cooled and set in t...