Recent Recipes

lentil dhal with crispy kale

A well-made dhal is a complete treasure; it is a bowl of soft gold. A dhal can warm us like a fire, with its spice; and it can soothe and comfort us, like a favourite blanket might have done in the past. This dhal is nothing more than a few handfuls of red len...

Chorizo and bean soup with nettles and sourdough toast

This rustic country soup is hearty and warming. I like to use homemade pork stock as it adds a real depth of flavour to the dish. My recipe for chorizo is perfect for this soup, or you can use good-quality or organic shop-bought chorizo, if you can find it. Ne...
Nettle soup

Ham, spinach and hazelnut buns

I shape and bake these in the same way I would classic Chelsea buns. Rich and crunchy, they’re a perfect tear-and-share savoury snack. You can use kale, chard or even sea beet in place of spinach. Sea beet is a wonderful wild alternative to cultivated spinach...

Gill’s poached leek and Stilton tart

This very simple tart is a combination of one of my favourite local cheeses - and probably one of my favourite vegetables. I used to make hundreds of these before I joined RCHQ – and they have continued to prove very popular at our seasonal feasts.

a simple fermented cabbage recipe

When you salt cabbage and leave it in the right conditions something called lacto fermentation takes place. This happens because Lactobacillus – a naturally occurring bacteria that’s on your hands right now, and on the vegetables in your fridge – feed on the s...

crab salad

Despite what many people may think, the delicate, tender, sweet meat from the brown crab is at its absolute best during the cold winter months. That’s because the warm, food-rich waters of summer and autumn leave crabs sated, heavy and full of flavourful meat....

Venison terrine with prunes, orange, juniper and thyme

Free-roaming deer enjoy a natural, wholesome diet and their meat is healthy, lean and full of flavour. Its versatility in the kitchen never fails to amaze me, and the things I’m lucky enough to make with it always impress. If you haven’t tried wild venison bef...
venison terrine

Roast Guinea fowl with celeriac and damsons

In this recipe I’m paring guinea fowl it up with 2 of my favourite autumn ingredients -  nutty, earthy celeriac and sharp, fruity damsons.  Everything gets cooked together in the one tray, which makes it really simple to put together, perfect for a lazy autumn...
guinee fowl

Blackberry & apple meringue with walnuts & elder

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the summer: warm mornings, holidays, swimming in the sea, Pimms, long lunches – and Pavlova. This Pavlova, though, is inspired by the autumn hedgerow, bursting with ripe elderberries, tart blackberries and sugary, fried windfal...

Grape, celeriac and apple salad with goat’s cheese & hazelnuts

I love this simple assembly. It’s full of fruity sweet grapes, crunchy earthy celeriac, soft rich goats cheese and slightly bitter toasted hazelnuts. I add fresh thyme and make a dressing with honey, two flavours I really like and that work so well with the ot...