Recent Recipes

Grilled sardines with beetroot, cumin & rosemary

The last time I made this summery roast, I also made a big pile of flat breads. They were so good, being a little blistered, crisp and soft all at the same the time. We piled the cumin-spiked beetroot onto the flat breads and then lifted the tender fillets fro...

Roast tomatoes on toast with tarragon & thyme

I like the idea that something could become bigger, bolder, fuller and more intense as it withers, contracts, softens and breaks – it seems a great irony. This is exactly what happens when you slowly cook sweet, ripe tomatoes in a warm oven. They intensify, ex...

Tomatoes with anchovies, tarragon, eggs & sourdough

This combination of ripe fresh tomatoes, sweet tarragon, good bread and my own red wine vinegar (I’ve been making for 10 years) is full of the warmth of summer. 

Salad of chicken, anchovies, jersey royals, asparagus, dill and chives

This late-spring salad is full of new-season asparagus, tender chicken and waxy new potatoes. I’ve added a few little anchovies, too; they bring depth of flavour to the salad and team well with the asparagus. Dill and chives, two of my favourite soft herbs, co...

Roast beetroot & wet garlic with bay, lovage & thyme

I remember sitting down to eat this with a friend, casually, and with no big expectation. It was just another lovely-sounding combination I wanted to have a go at cooking. Partway through eating, we both slowed, then stopped. There was an easy silence. Both he...
beetroot and garlic

New potatoes with goat’s cheese, lavender and elderflower butter.

I love this fragrant early summer salad. The combination of waxy new potatoes and crumbly fresh goats cheese is always fantastic, but the delicate perfume of lavender and elderflower compliment and lift it to another level. I like to make some elderflower head...

Barbecued little gems with cucumber, white beans & tahini

I adore cooking lettuce. Sometimes, I like to wilt it with chicken stock and plenty of black pepper, parsley and lovage. Sometimes, I fry wedges of small lettuce in butter and olive oil, with salty anchovies and lots of garlic, until its sugars caramelize, the...

Brill with sorrel sauce

I really like the flavour of sorrel: it’s sharp and green and appley-sour. Common sorrel is easy to grow at home, but you’ll also find it growing wild, small and spear-shaped, in grassy fields and grazing land. The zesty acidity of wild sorrel works beautifull...

Curd with radishes, spring onions & herbs

Who wouldn’t be into the idea of taking something crisp, like a toasted slice of sourdough or a broken seed-covered cracker, and spreading it thickly with fresh sheep’s curd? If someone offered me that, I would think it were almost perfect and I would take it....
spring radish salad

Rabbit with pappardelle

This is a very simple recipe for one of the most enjoyable pasta sauces I’ve ever eaten. Cook the rabbit slowly with smoked bacon, vegetables and herbs until it’s tender enough to come away from the bone with ease. Flake the meat, then return it to the sauce....
rabbit recipe