Recent Recipes

Courgette flowers with salt cod

This generous recipe gives and gives until it’s gone. I like courgette flowers with the young courgettes still attached – it adds an extra texture when you come to eat them... with your fingers, your friends and some chilled fino. 
stuffed courgette flowers

Smoked haddock, cheddar and parsley pasties

Rough puff pastry is a cinch to make. I use half butter to flour, just like a regular shortcrust, but the method differs slightly, giving a beautifully layered, very flaky pastry. I think these pasties are better served cold than hot, which makes them perfect...

Raw scallops with dill, red onion, lemon & olive oil

This gentle and refined scallop dish is more of a ceviche than a tartare. With a tartare, the meat or fish is completely raw, but with a ceviche it is ‘cooked’ – effectively – by the acidity of the citrus juice. Here, the scallop sits in the lemon juice, but o...

Lemon & gooseberry tart with elderflower fritters

Lemon, gooseberry and elderflower – even the words taste good. I can almost smell the dusty elderflower pollen, feel the bur of the gooseberries, and taste the lively citrus of lemon oil. I’ve made loads of different lemon tarts over the years, but none quite...

Courgettes with dill, spring onions, mint and chicken

When courgettes are small and fresh I like them raw, thinly sliced with lemon juice and mint. With slightly larger courgettes, slice and slow cook on the hob in a little oil with garlic and dill for well over an hour. They turn hopelessly soft and rich. Spoone...
courgette salad

Barbequed mackerel with lemon, chilli and fennel

I love this simple preparation for barbequed mackerel. A fish that cooks so well over the hot embers of an open fire. Because of its oily flesh, it’s particularly resilient, even in the hands of the inexperienced fish cook. Here I’ve spiked the skin of the fis...
bbq mackerel

Rabbit with cream, rosemary and anchovies

Wild rabbit is delicious, sustainable, economical and easy to cook, and in my view, at its best in Autumn. Most good butchers will sell Rabbit, they should happily joint it for you as well. Its far more interesting than chicken and just as versatile. A delicat...

Crème caramel with vanilla & anise

Every time I taste a good crème caramel, I become a little fonder of this easy-to-make milk pudding. I love its texture and the way you can almost cut it. My mum makes a birthday crème caramel for my dad; it’s his favourite. Last year’s was a particular triump...
creme caramel

Nettles on toast with Pollack, wild garlic & poached egg

This recipe is one of many from the amazing 'Really quite good British cookbook' Published by Nourish Books. Pick up a copy Here
wild garlic


Smalec is a traditional and totally wonderful Polish preparation for pork lard. Andrew Tyrrell, a friend and talented chef, first made it for me and this is his recipe. You can use other herbs, but marjoram or oregano work best.