Recent Recipes

Polenta with roast ham & parsley

If you haven’t had polenta before, you must try this recipe. Traditionally, polenta is served ‘wet’ or ‘soft’, which means it comes to the table like a porridge or a thick purée. Alternatively, you can serve it ‘set’ – when loose polenta is cooled and set in t...

hazelnut & celeriac soup with kale, parsley & olive oil

Hazelnuts bring an unexpected dimension to this gorgeous soup. Their flavour, being delicate and sweet, works beautifully with robust kale and earthy celeriac. If you’re making your own stock, make sure it’s really tasty before you add it to the rest of the so...

Apple leather

This is essentially a fruit puree that you dry out very slowly over a number of hours in a low oven. It’s preserving at its most straight forward. Once made you can store this fruit leather wrapped up in an airtight container for months. It makes a delicious s...
apple leather

Salad of roast carrots and beetroot with marjoram, olive oil and a honey, fennel seed and yogurt dressing.

New season roots make this salad so much sweeter than it would be in the autumn. Gently roasting them intensifies their character and caramlises their sugary qualities.
carrot and beetroot salad

Oysters with salsify and chorizo

A deep and wonderfully rich autumn sauté. Quick, simple and unusual – catch the season’s oysters while they’re at their best. I like this recipe’s balance of ingredients from the earth, land and sea, and with them all the tones of the woodland in October.
oysters and chorizo

Crab apple & blackberry jelly

This is a beautiful hedgerow jelly to serve with meat, particularly roast chicken, or with cheese. The crab apple gives a special flavour; the blackberries lend the jelly an almost ethereal tone. You can gather the ingredients to make this in one semi-urban or...

A salad of raw beetroot, curd & rose

It’s difficult not to be taken in by the look of this fresh, raw salad with its calm class and subtle beauty. However, what’s really lovely is how it tastes. Its sweetness comes from very thinly sliced fresh raw beetroots (the fresher you can get them, the swe...

Butter-roasted barley flakes & leeks

Crisp, buttery barley flakes lift this simple variation on leeks vinaigrette to a completely new, deeply textured level. Good bread is all it really needs to make a fine lunch for two or a lighter starter for four. It also makes a fitting accompaniment to warm...

Trout terrine with capers, chopped egg, dill and chives

This dish takes a degree of patience but it’s well worth it. Occasionally it’s nice to make something a little more involved. I’ve used trout, a freshwater fish I often eat in the summer. (I don’t know why it feels so English and summery, it just does.) Prepar...
Trout terrine

Ham and pea broth with lovage

If you are planning on cooking a ham, perhaps for a picnic, or a summer lunch, you’ll be left with a beautiful, delicate stock – full of flavour and character. I freeze it in batches and whip it out when I’m cooking anything that calls for a good meaty stock....
ham and pea soup