Recent Recipes

Roast chicken with wild garlic

In the winter I like to use fresh earthy thyme and bulb with my roast chicken as they compliment each other beautifully. But in the spring, when the wild garlic is about, it makes for a great alternative. 
Roast chicken

Black pudding Scotch eggs

Never will I tire of eating black pudding and eggs – together or individually. They are what the French call meilleurs amis. I like to eat these black pudding Scotch eggs with a good mayonnaise, finished with lots of freshly chopped chives. They’re delicious e...
scotch eggs

Sea beet and asparagus salad with baby broad beans and radish

This Lovely vibrant salad can be made with young perpetual spinach. Its emerald green, irony leaves work in very much the same way. But if you do live coastally, it's quite easy to find sea beet growing around beaches and tidal estuaries. The young toothsom le...
sea beet salad

Lemon and elderflower posset

This is a lovely version of a classic English pudding. The addition of elderflower gives it a heady floral note, which works beautifully with the lemon. I like to garnish this with fresh gooseberries. You can cook them briefly with a little honey perhaps, but...
elderflower posset

Trout with pickled cucumber, spelt & herbs

This quick, warm salad of nutty spelt grain and clean river trout always lifts my mood, particularly on a wet, wintry day. With a light air of spring about it, it provides a welcome break from the richer dishes I often prepare over the colder months of the yea...
trout salad

Roast guinea fowl with black pudding, apple & sage.

I remember my uncle keeping these fine birds when I was a boy, and how their unusual regal quality would grab my fleeting attention as I tore past them in pursuit of my cousin. Now, as a chef I appreciate them all the more. Guinea fowl is delicious and underra...

Venison & bacon stew with orange & bay

At River Cottage I'd always cook venison throughout the winter months. One of my favourite ways to eat it is as a tasty carpaccio. The loin is seared in a hot pan for a few seconds before being sliced and served more or less raw, with flaky salt, lemon juice,...

Christmas ham

I cure a ham each year. It makes lunch on Christmas day all the more satisfying and it’s easy to do. You just have to think a couple of months ahead. I earmark a leg of pork from one of our late-autumn pigs, then towards the end of October, I’ll think about ge...

Liver and bacon

My take on this timeless classic should convert even those who are most reluctant to eat liver. What’s more, because the liver is served slightly pink, it all comes together quite quickly. 

Raw mushroom, kale, celeriac and pumpkin seed salad

I’m a big fan of macerated kale salads, it’s something we do at River Cottage quite regularly, and a technique I find brings the humble kale leaf into a new and exciting dimension. What’s more, it’s super quick to put together, because everything is raw. Yes,...